The Iron Throne

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Your Medieval Quest Begins Now!

You are being held prisoner somewhere inside a sprawling Westeros Castle by the ruthless Queen Lannister! In 1 hour, she will send her executioner down to the dungeon and it will be OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!

You have heard rumors of other peasants who have managed to escape the dungeon and find a way to safety. So you know there is a weakness in her formidable fortress, the only question is, WHERE?

Maximum Room Capacity


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12 reviews for The Iron Throne

  1. Craig C.

    Cannot wait for this!

  2. Daniel Beer

    First experience at FW Escape Room. Had a great time with our group. Fun and challenging experience. We will be back!

  3. Carrie M

    Had a great time. Had no idea what to expect. It was fun!

  4. Rachel

    What a blast!!! nothing like what I thought It was going to be but soooo much fun!!!!

  5. Lauren Hadland

    really fun and challenging! Want to try again and see if I can escape!

  6. terri shook


  7. director.robert.thompson

    Grew up watching “Legends of the Hidden Temple” on Nickelodeon. Big Indiana Jones fan, and love the “Uncharted” games. Being a fan of all those, this escape room did NOT disappoint. It was awesome through, and through. The only thing missing was getting to wear a fedora and whip.

  8. Tiffany Templeton

    Very creative and fun room!

  9. Sarah Kimes

    This review is a little late, but this was an amazing escape room for my groups first time. We were still talking about it the next day. Production value was awesome and the puzzles stayed fresh!

  10. Stephanie (verified owner)

    SOO MUCH FUN! I have never seen Game of Thrones and I still loved it! You dont need any prior knowledge to enjoy it.

  11. Brandon J Sorenson (verified owner)

    I love this room! Most fun I have ever had doing one of these game’s. So creative and amazing.

  12. dathhough

    Loved this! Awesome time with my family

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