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The Mind is the Scene of The Crime!

You are an extractor. Your team performs corporate espionage using experimental dream-sharing technology to infiltrate your targets subconscious and extract information. Your latest target is the evil tech mogul, Jeffrey Muskerberg. You have 60 minutes to enter his dream and extract the data that will allow you to access his most valuable assets.

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29 reviews for Inception

  1. Melissa D.

    Best new activity in Fort Wayne!! Our group had such a blast and it was perfect for team building. Patient Zero was a little tricky, but that’s part of the fun! Whether it’s for team building again, or just to bring a group of friends, we’ll be back for the next one.

  2. T. Roberts (verified owner)

    Epic, Thrilling, Exciting, and Challenging!

  3. Jennifer C. (verified owner)

    This was an awesome experience. The puzzles were difficult, the hour goes by so fast! We weren’t able to escape, but had a blast trying!

  4. Jennifer K. (verified owner)

    Great group outing. Patient zero was awesome. Even though we did not get out we had a blast trying.

  5. Misty C. (verified owner)

    This was an absolutely wonderful time! Being the first group to make it out was absolutely a wonderful testament to my staff’s unity. It was the best team building activity we could have chosen to do. We hope to come back and show Black Beard a thing or two! Thanks for a great time!

  6. Natalie L. (verified owner)

    Had an amazing time at the escape room! The way the rooms are set up is genius, really makes you think outside the box to escape. Definitely worth the money, can’t wait to come back and try the other rooms 🙂

  7. John N. (verified owner)

    It was a great time. Our group did patient zero and got so close to finishing it.

  8. Robert B. (verified owner)

    Had a great time! The rooms and scenario were top notch and we almost made it!

  9. Kristen T. (verified owner)

    We will be visiting again!! SOON! Haven’t had this much fun in such a long time

  10. Emily R. (verified owner)

    Super fun! Bring lots of friends, it’s easier with more people!

  11. Kirsten H. (verified owner)

    Soo much fun! The room looked great and it was definitely challenging; I don’t think an hour has ever gone faster! This is a perfect activity now that the cold is about to set in. Get your friends and go; I’ll totally be back to try a new escape!

  12. Rachel B. (verified owner)

    This was awesome! Something completely different and new to do in Fort Wayne. Definitely a great time! I will be back to try the other rooms.

  13. Nichole C. (verified owner)

    Loved the puzzles and atmosphere!! Awesome place for a night out with a group of friends!!

  14. Dylan Smith

    That was awesome! We made it out in time, but just barely! Be prepared for riddles and locks and look EVERYWHERE!

  15. Sarah Kelly

    I just did Patient Zero with a group of friends and family. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time! Be prepared to have a blast! We survived! You can do it!

  16. Chase Alley

    Great time, very challenging but well worth the money. Fun activity for family, friends, or co-workers as team building.

  17. Lauren Hadland

    it is so fun! so logical and hard. We didn’t escape but had fun trying!

  18. Julie Bodle

    Went yesterday (4 of us) This was our first time at Escape Room. We really enjoyed it!! Wonderful family fun! Your staff was great. We didn’t escape, but we’ll definitely be back to escape one of your other rooms!!

  19. Barbara Swavely

    If you’re looking for something different and you like a challenge, this is it! We attempted to escape “Patient Zero”. We didn’t escape, but I’d like to think we are all a little wiser. Give it a try, you won’t be sorry! What a blast!

  20. Barbara Swavely

    This is the best fun you can have in an hour! Absolutely loved it!! We didn’t escape but we are hopefully a little wiser. Get your friends and go…you won’t be sorry you did, I guarantee!!

  21. Kim (verified owner)

    Awesome fun! Didn’t make it out but did have fun. Very challenging, you your clues wisely and timely.

  22. director.robert.thompson

    I love anything zombies, and Patient Zero is no different. The theme is cool, the story is interesting, and the challenges within the room are top notch. If you’re a horror or zombie fan, check this room out!

  23. Emilie (verified owner)

    We did Patient Zero and it was so much fun! It was so intricate and is definitely the best escape room I’ve done. We didn’t escape, but I’d love to come back and try again!

  24. Rachel G (verified owner)

    First time doing an escape room – such a blast! Even my skeptical husband liked it. We escaped with literally 1 second to go! Now I want to try the other rooms.

  25. Alicai

    This is our favorite room so far!! Really great props and the puzzles are excellent!! Really fun night! I would highly recommend this one!

  26. John Cummings (verified owner)

    We had a great time! They gave us a couple of extra minutes and we made it out. Would love to try the other rooms. Staff is very friendly and excited about working there.

  27. Dawn Rochester (verified owner)

    Fort Wayne Escape Room has the best escape rooms in Fort Wayne. I’ve tried other escape room locations but nothing can live up to the standards of this place. I can’t wait to come back to do the fourth room Taken. The rooms are very well thought out and we always have a great time.

  28. dory3091beth (verified owner)

    Most fun and challenging thing I’ve done in a long time! Absolutely loved this room, and will be back to try others!

  29. Greg Ford

    This room may be the most fun yet. We had so much fun. Fort Wayne Escape rooms are all amazingly well designed and entertaining. What a great way to have some clean fun with my family. After we did this we played the “Game Show Experience”. So much fun and lots of laughs.

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